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My System Specs


Ok so I got some HD Tune results for ya. I got results from 500gb 7200.11, 500gb 7200.12, and 1tb WD Black. Test conditions weren't really the same, since the 7200.11 and WD Black are both in my main while the 7200.12 in the HTPC. My main is also running Vista SP1 x64 while the HTPC is running Windows 7 RC x64. Don't know how much of an effect that has on the results but here they are. I also set the Test Speed/Accuracy for these to test to the most accurate.

The 500gb 7200.11

Name:  HD Tune 7200.11.png
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The 1tb WD Black

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and the 500gb 7200.12

Name:  HD tune Pic 4.png
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Seems you were right about Random Access. Although it is really only a few milliseconds and in real time it's negligible. Interesting though to see that the Burst Rate I got was so low, half of what the other drives produced. Odd that the review you linked shows the 7200.12 lead the way in Burst Rate there (over the 7200.11 anyways, since no WD black is tested). I performed the HDtune run on the 7200.12 a few times and I got a higher burst rate, transfer rate but access time was up? This was with the default setting for Test Speed/Accuracy though which is 1 notch above the most accurate setting. Here's a screeny:

Name:  HD TUNE Pic.png
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Weird to see it dip down so low in a few spots on the transfer rate, with 11MB/s at the minimum! I also like the -1.0% cpu usage And here's another with a more stable looking transfer test, just for fun:

Name:  HD Tune pic2.png
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So I'd say get the WD Black for the 5 years Warranty vs 3 years Seagate and the slight performance gain if this is for a desktop. If you're using this drive for an HTPC, get the 7200.12 as it will be cooler and quieter, being a single platter drive.
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