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My System Specs


what do you figure your farm is drawing watts wise?

lets say your maxing out a 15amp circuit to your computer room, your drawing 1650w from a 15amp circuit. 110V x 15A = 1650w and your running it it 24 hours a day at that draw. so that's 43.2 KW.h / day, and if we go with the higher of the costs .0827 then your looking at $3.57 a day or $107.17 in a 30 day period.

now if you running the folding farm in a sealed house, in the summer, with air conditioning, double that cost.
your turning that power draw into heat, and its going to cost at least what it did to make the heat to remove it again.

Now in the winter, the $$$ you would have spent heating your house is offset by the bonus heat from your folding farm..

I still have my furnace turned OFF so my folder is still keeping my house nice and warm :)
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