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Originally Posted by Kilauea View Post
Bah, don't worry about that... Its not where you come from that matters the most, its who you are. I don't know you a lot, but that can be a good thing. It just proves that you fit in very well, meaning you manage to behave like a good person .

No seriously, I am very dissapointed in your treatchery (however you write that word). Pfft going Intel, that's such a low blow

Sorry, I can't see to make 2 serious sentences. You participate in the community and you fold, what more can we ask ? Sure you could do a Peanut butter jelly time real life video for u, but you know, I don't like to be asking too much.

Sorry, it may seem like I did bad stuff tonight, but I can't seem to stay serious for very long.
Sounds kind of like me. Same basic problem. And part of my idea of having fun for survival. Other than being a doity old fart
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