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Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
yup. I read the [H]ard review on the rev.c TRUE and they said so themselves.


I've read that review .

I love [H] ,but they got sold a bill of goods........Just like the rest of us . Purposely convex'd surface BS !

I have photographic proof too.


This review has dropped to 8.5 / 10

Nice try Thermalright.I still love yah , but cmon , yah gotta get up ealier than that to fool me.

I'l preface this by saying lapping this beast is not easy ! I need thicker glass !

Lapping in progress , 400 grit ;

Please note the non-uniform wear pattern , and the discoloration in the center.


Lapping further on.........non-uniform wear continues.......


There is a further defect :

This photo is deleberately out out focus with harsh flash .

There is a vertical 'crimp ' mark resulting from compressive deformation where the middle two heatpipes intersect the block.....An obvious result from hydraulic forming.

This combined with the obvious ''spot welding" marks make me call BS !!


8.5 outta 10.....Lapping continues.

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