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Didn't want to quote a long post, but Fox is right.. I second NCIX, you could honestly save a lot of money and get a system which will can be upgraded. Buying from Alienware, most of these fancy companies tend to be more pricier and try rip people off (especially those who know nothing about computers and just want to buy the best.. or so called best)..

Also, assembling PCs has become a lot easier over the past few years, honestly if you do it slowly and safely, you could save the cost and get it all installed yourself.. They are a million text and video guides on the net, just use google..

As for the parts, Fox is spot on, just add a good SSD on that, it helps load games/windows slightly faster, I also believe you will benefit alot if you do video editing too, that is if you use stuff like DVD Rebuilder, CCE.. Xvid conversion.. and you do it the manual way.. my dual core got a good hit, and the 250gb SATA drive.. I pulled my hair every so often..

But yeah, look at getting a system built for you, than buying one from Voodoo/HP/Alienware..
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