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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Please note that I have added a new Editor's Note at the end of the review and have added an update to the Firmware section.
Update Oct. 28th: A-Data has contacted us expressing some additional facts which were unfortunately not apparent before this review went live. First of all, even though the firmware of the S592 is not user-upgradeable we were told that as new firmwares are released by Indilinx, A-Data is implementing them directly onto their production lines.

IN ADDITION, A-Data has announced that as of the upcoming 1819 firmware (sometime in November), they will have a method in place for users to upgrade the firmware on the S592 WITHOUT the need for jumper pins.

That first line has me nearly laughing out loud. "As new firmwares are released" ? This drive is still years behind the competition, and you STILL have to send your 'bought yesterday' drive in to get that 1819 firmware on it. This isnt competition. This is something OCZ (et al) went through like, what? 9 MONTHS ago? And A-Data has the audacity to say they are loading them as Indilinx releases them? Puuuuuuh-leeeeease

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