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Default Why are most VGA custom coolers recycling hot air?

I've really been wondering and especially with the release again of the 5870 Vapor-X about why are there not more "out of the case exhaust" solution for video cards.

Most if not all "overclocked" version of OEMs are using some cooler that moves the air inside the case, same goes with all aftermarket coolers. In the end, it's raising the ambient temps VS the stock coolers that almost all grab cold air from the bottom of the case and sends the hot air out in the back.

They are overclocking the card, making it run hotter and they release that air in the case... genious. Probably good for benching in open air but in real world situation??

I know you can add other fans in your case to help airflow and all but in the end, I think it's counter productive to release hot air in a case.

I had been looking at alot of cooling solutions got my GTX260s lately to try to quiet them down and other then liquid cooling, I did not find a single cooler that would exhaust the hot air out.

Just a tuesday morning rambling from yours truly.

Is smoke supposed to come out of there?
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