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My System Specs


I have experimented with the H50 on my rig during my initial build and I can attest that...

- pulling fresh air into the case across the rad cools the CPU more effectively (by about 3 degrees for me)
- pulling air into the case only raises my case temp by 1 C

- pushing air out of the case does not really lower case temps by much, about 1 C as I said
- pushing warmer air across the rad DOES reduce the result in higher CPU temps

The complaints about pulling air into the case are grossly overstated. Yes, I admit that at first I thought it would be better to blow out of the case, but after testing it in my CM 690 case, I have concluded that Corsair's standard install is perferable. However, it doesn't hurt that I have 2 120mm fans at the top of my case and another side panel 120mm pulling fresh air in as well.

H50_Canuck :)
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