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OK so it's finally out. Anyone playing yet? Can't wait to get home and get into this tonight. I still can't decide which class to go with, so I am checking out skill trees. Here's some build ideas, of course these can change in game as it might be smart to go with an early/mid/late game build strategy swapping some skills out later on.

Roland (Soldier)
A build really focusing on the Turret. Reducing cooldown, regenerating ammo and health, and a little bit of a boost on assault rifles for shooting guys in the face. :)
Borderlands: Skill Tree

Mordecai (Hunter)
This build is all about sniping with a bit of support from the Bloodwing and an added boost in melee for the odd baddie that gets to close.
Borderlands: Skill Tree

Lilith (Siren)
This build is all about the Elemental Weapons damage. Of course you would need one or maybe two sweet elemental weapons worth drooling over for this kind of build. I added a bit of electroshock and reduced cooldown for Phasewalking.
Borderlands: Skill Tree

Brick (Berserker)
This build just reinforces what this character is all about. Rocket Launchers and beating the crap outta things that aren't destroyed by rocket launchers.
Borderlands: Skill Tree

More build ideas coming....
Anyone else?
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