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Default UPDATED: My Gaming RiG Build !

So i thought i would post pics of the rig im making thanks to this website

I will keep you updated.

-28th I will install the 12g Dominator Corsair Ram With Cooler
-28th I will also install the nzxt fan controller.

Parts as of 20th oct.

Inside The Case.

Cable management

Corsair H50 Wtaer Cooling Broke [Leaking]
28th Installed 12GB's of Ram.
28th Broken NZXT Fan Controller.

Broke H50 ---

Well atleast my pc is booting with a 7 GPU

Build Progress.

Tick - Intel Core i7 920
Tick - EVGA X58 SLI LE Intel X58
Tick - Corsair 850W HX PSU
Tick - Corsair 12gb Ram 1666MHz
Tick - Corsair H50 Water Cooling
Tick - Corsair 800D Case
Tick - WD 1TB Hdd WD1001FALS
Tick - NZXT Sentry LX (Fan Controller)
Tick - Razer Diamondback, Mouse
Tick - Razer Lycosa, Keyboard
Tick - ATI 5870 Graphics Card x1

Untick - ATI 5870 Graphics Card x3
Untick - LG CH08LS10 Blu Ray

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