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Originally Posted by BrianHanna View Post
so guys, im thinking about getting a decent ssd for windows 7, any thoughts on that?
Right now you have LOTS of great options.
My preference is for either the Intel X2m gen2 or 120Gb Vertex. After that you have Gskill Falcon & Patriot Torqx.

All 4 companies have their pros and cons but as I said in a few other threads:
If you can get by with 80GB get the Intel ;)
IF you need 120GB get a Vertex/Falcon/Torqx. W/ personal preference to OCZ as they have a BIG advantage on the firmware front (they have 1.41 which has TRIM).
IF longevity is a concern (which is really not a big deal these days...BUT peace of mind IS priceless) AND you can get by with 60GB AND don't mind spending $400 or so look into the Agility EX SLC based SSD. VERY sweet drive. I replaced a 128 Torqx in my personal laptop with one and noticed a big bump in speed.

Windows 7 + modern SSD makes for one potent combination!

YMMV but any of those drives listed above would make a great way to enter into the SSD experience. After using SSDs you will never look at Hard Disk Drives (even the VRaptor) the same way again. :)
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