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My System Specs


Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
See now I don't even understand. You can't split a RAID 0 array of 20 drives into 12. Are you saying he has many arrays of those 20 drives. Oh and by the way, 1.5 MB/s is hella slow.

Why he has 20 drives in RAID 0 and not using it for his OS is beyond me. Obviously it would be much faster than an SSD in that case.

For some reason I call BS on this one.
He had 20 but he downgraded to 12 as he didn't need that much storage and he ran out of case space. Large arrays are terribly slow for OS as there are simply too many drives - think of it like a huge army mobilizing versus a small one. He's a huge leecher (goes to massive LAN's and DL's terabytes worth of data, mostly large files) so it makes a LOT of sense for him. Large arrays are great for big files, not small ones. I can post pics and benches, just tell me if you want me to.
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