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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
Nice job on the speaker housings- very clean job with the mdf, which is no walk in the park to make look clean like that. Did you make the satnd as well? Is that a stereo amp nect to the HK?
Thanks. I'm not to keen on the chamfer edge treatment on the sub. But it's a 20" cube with 1.5" thick walls plus internal bracing so I'm not in a big hurry to rebuild it and I may have different needs in the future. The mains are still primer grey, they were just meant as a test build to get the hang of building speakers and to get an idea of what a small speaker this size sounds like. My planned mains will still use the same tweet and 5.5" mid but will add a pair of 8" on each size.

Yes I built the stand - it's still bare MDF as well. I never finished it because I wanted to see how I liked it before I went through the trouble. There's threaded rod going through the 4 corner posts as well as the center brace - it all sort of stacks. So if I didn't like it I could make some changes. But now we're moving next year so I'll probably do something different in the new house anyway.

That stereo amp is my htpc, it's a thermaltake DH-101.

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