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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
I have a bunch of stuff going on sale. I am at work right now, so will update with pics in a day or 2, sorry. The speakers are at my other job, so they may take a while to get some pics done up.

Essentially I have the following up for sale:

Ultra 800W X-pro PSU - $150

Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, in new condition, in box with all accs. - $50

Tuniq Tower 120 LED - Same, in box all acc. -$40

Many fans. Selection of low RPM Scythe, 800rpm Slipstream, some panaflows and 1200RPM Yate Loons. - $7.50 per fan, all dust free and never used(the panaflows were used for 2 months on my swiftech RAD, so they were slightly used)

For Speakers, I have a great 5.1 setup. Not enough room in my new place, so I picked up the Binaura system.

- 2 x Pioneer Floorstand tower speakers (will update with model later)
- 2 x Futureshop Paradigm floorstanding tower knock off's. Got them for a great deal, plus as a bonus they sound really really great. Surprised me. I used these as my rear surround speakers, worked great.
- 1 x Cerwin Vega Center Channel. A great quality center, the most important part of a 5.1 setup. One of the Grill clips is broken, however the other 3 are fine, so the grill stays in place fine.
- 1 x 150W Yamaha powered Subwoofer. Provides big base without being too huge. Volume knob on the back, so you can set the base manually as well.

Selling as a 5.1 set together, no parting. Looking for $250. These are great sounding, room filling powerful speakers, puts little bookshefs to shame.
That tuniq is going to me, so don't sell it kthx
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