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My System Specs


Yeah the 7200.12 1TB drives and the Black 1TB drives would be great for storage, as they still have a decent speed with them too. I personally wouldn't shortstroke storage HDDs because you want more reliability than speed. It's the best way to go. RAID 0 for storage is a big no no.

Storage means holding data that you do not want to risk to lose, so a RAID 5 or RAID 1 array would best suit the security/reliability front.

Now if you're confusing us, meaning you're using it as an OS drive, then SSD would be the best possible way to gain a performance boost, even faster than RAIDing two drives or more. Shortstroking is kind of a waste now that SSDs are more affordable now.

Have a look in this sub-forum. We have a thread in here about shortstroking drives (I forget who did it). We also have plenty of reviews of HDDs and SSDs here so go ahead and read those too.
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