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Don't forget all the kinds of lies in the world...

Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Think about this for a second. Why would Kingston (safe, default voltage, JDEC memory) get returned less often than Corsair (bleeding edge, tuned from motherboard to motherboard and from user to user)? 2.5% is extremely impressive considering the amount of PEBCAK I see. Remember that there is ALWAYS more to the story than an article like this is able to tell you. You also don't know the source. Maybe this reseller doesn't have as good a relationship with Sapphire as they do with another VGA manufacturer. Maybe they only cover Sapphire for 1/2 as long, or maybe they are more reluctant to take them back. Remember that many vendors including eVGA, BFG also have notes inside their products that say "Don't go back to the retailer. Contact us for warranty support"

I'm writing this rebuttal as I go through so now I'm onto hard drives.

A 0% return rate is ludicrous for hard drives. It doesn't exist. You might as well throw the whole article out... You can pretty much assume an 0.5-1% return rate on anything due to pebcak.
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