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Default Thermalright TRUE copper Heatsink

The beast (and I mean it ) in question is the Thermalright TRUE copper .....socket 775 heatsink.

k.....preface : I don't think you can actually get these anymore,they are a 'limited edition' (3000 made) , I was lucky to find one.There might be a few kicking around somewhere.


9 out of 10 .

Awesome piece of copper , but a serious issue.


Once again , Frozen CPU provided really prompt , good service....took 6 days to get here , And it was packed so well they coulda dropped it outta the airplane on the way by.

Good stuff guys , I'll be a Frozen CPU customer forever.


I was quite surprized to find a white,embossed box.Thermalright is usually quite plain (while well boxed.)




A very impressive heatsink.

It's more than 4 pounds.There is no way you should mount this heatsink onto anything other than a flat (horizontal) computer !!

Forget moving that rig with this attached.One good bump , and you'd have a hole where the CPU was.....


Onto the negative.

The 'block' (the bit that attaches to the cpu) has the issue :


It's so concave it wobbles on a flat surface.

Thermalright , I love yah , but this is really not cool.If you are going to hydraulically press the two block segments together , you really need to machine it after, it's totally warped.

9 outta 10 so far.


Next :

Lapping 101....

Then we'll test it with a serious heat load......

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