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My System Specs


Originally Posted by El_Fiendo View Post
Yea, sadly I can't get surround unless i hang them from the roof or some other hair brained scheme. I kinda regret the purchase but they've stuck around for a few years now so I've gotten my money's worth. I'd sell them but it would seem they're not very popular, so I'll just use them until they die.

I can get some surround out of it, you just have to try and differentiate how 'left' or 'right' the sound is to tell if the sound is beside or behind you. Usually me flailing around spraying bullets, my standard FPS tactic, tells me their location sooner. One things for sure, I'm no ninja.
you could rearrange your desk when you are fixing the rats nest, move the monitors into the corner and have them at about a 15-25 degree angle, then space the speakers out along the desk. it still wont be as good as if you did it properly but that seems to net really be an option so this will do better though.
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