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I liked the way the last contest was done, and not only because it gave me an advantage. However, I see what Dead Things is saying and I can agree with that too.

But why not calculate points from multiple contests?

IE: keep the folding contest like last time where the more you fold the more entries you get. But also have a contest for ghetto cooling concepts, and 8 entries for first, 5 for second, 3 for third. In fact, include as many of the contests you like of what people suggested and then tally points after each contest.

Then have the points for every person totaled up and added to a draw.

Should make it even for the people like me who sunk their watercooling/overclocking money into folding hardware, but at the same time give people with no cashflow good chances at the prize.

.... or just do what dead things suggested.

Oh, and if you don't have 30 posts from today then you can't enter.
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