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Originally Posted by Sushi Warrior View Post
Folding contests require money to have good chances too, although a draw is nice it really sucks when you don't have like a folding farm.
I would think that since ruffus wants this to be more of a "anybody can win" kind of contest, that it would simply be a "if you submit at least X WUs in this time period you are automatically entered" kinda thing.

I liked the idea of the last one - including WUs from before the contest for an extra draw ticket, to reward people who are honest-to-goodness HWC folders rather than just scumbags like me. So maybe make it like fold at least 1 WU during the contest, get one entry. If you folded at least 1 WU in the week before the contest, you get an additional entry. That way, even folks on a lowly uniproc client can have as much of a chance to win as the power folders.

And that's a good thing for HWC folding, because if you take a guy who only folds with his Sempron and give him a phase change unit - chances are that guy is gonna want to make some upgrades - which would likely mean more team PPD.
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