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Default I got mine working

Not sure if it works every time but here is what I did. First, Rev.C has a chipset made by Ralink so I'm surprised to see you looking for Atheros drivers (atheros make their own chipsets no?). Anyway...

I downloaded the Vista x64 drivers from the D-link UK FTP website. I'll give the link in my next post because this is my first post here and the forum won't let me post a link.

Then you start Windows, go to Device Manager and find your adapter. Update drivers to the downloaded ones (works in Windows 7 x64 also).

But that's not it. My experience is that if you try and use your adapter straight away, then your downloads will be throttled to around 1Mbps. The fact is that D-Link recommend that you install drivers BEFORE you install the card. But that's impossible when you only have .inf files and not a full fledged installer. So the solution is to go back to the device manage, find the adapter.
1. Right click and choose Uninstall. Then you get a message to confirm and then in the bottom there is a tick box saying something like: do you want to remove the drivers. DO NOT TICK THE BOX. Proceed.

2. Shut down the computer. Remove the card. Reboot. Shut Down. Install the card. Reboot. Voila!!!
(to be honest it might be ok, instead of 2., to just scan for hardware. But I'm to afraid to mess it up so I don't want to try)

I finally got full download speed on Windows 7 RC x64.

Any questions, let me know.
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