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My System Specs


Double Post:
Installed Windows 7 64-bit without a single problem which is always nice. Someone above asked about temps, so here's a quick statement without pics atm. Currently, the system is stock CPU, RAM and GPU with the fans running as pictured on the first page.

CPU Idle - SpeedFan 4.39 reports 24C and CoreTemp 0.99.5 reports 24C as well
CPU Load - Running full instance of Prime95 64bit - SpeedFan reports 42.5C and CoreTemp reports 42C
(Everest Trial reported 23C for Idle and 42 for load as well)

GPU Idle - CCC reports 34C and GPU Caps v1.7.0 reports 32C *the CCC number is 6C lower than before I pulled the 5850 appart and applied the MX-2 Thermal Compound*
GPU Load - running GPU Caps Fur for 1 hour, CCC reports 77C and GPU Caps reports 76C *edit- fan is on auto and does not spin up above 33%*

Case Temp- SpeedFan reports 22C and Bios *after a quick reboot* reports 21C

So, those are my starting points for my potential overclocking efforts. I feel these numbers are really really quite nice and if the software tools are accurate, then I am in a good spot to start pushing the CPU and GPU to some better numbers.

Once I get a few more tools and software programmes installed, I will see where I can go and post up pics to validate my numbers.

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