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Originally Posted by Bojamijams View Post
How does PhysX being used on consoles mean anything for Win7 though? Its still going to die though.. proprietary crap like this is not going to survive in the face of an open standard.. its Glide all over again

Dirt 2 will be out before Fermi is out.. as will battleforge.. so nvidia is not ready for DX11 despite their claims

And stereoscopic might be cool, as was the first generation of 3d when it came out, but I don't want to game on a smaller monitor (I think 22 is the highest 120hz so far? ), nor do I want to pay that kind of money for something which is only realized with specific support of game and has no other benefit outside of it
Glide? Glide != PhysX.

Glide is more like Direct3D over anything else.

I'd say Nvidia is in no rush to jump on the DX11 bandwagon after the epic fail DX10 was and personally it would be a good idea.
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