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Seems like the ATI PR mindlessness is rubbing of on everyone.

hah.. their ability to do DX11 is still MONTHS away
So? The ability of the GAMES THEMSELVES to do DX11 is still months away.

stereoscopic 3d? nobody cares
Don't insult it until you have tried it. It's the only way I game these days unless a game doesn't support it.

physx? gonna die
No. It is still one of the most used (because it is one of the easiest to program for) physics APIs on consoles. That alone means it will live a LONG time.

this is just pure PR bullshit.. I feel sorry for the idiot who goes to win7 thinking he'll get something from dx11 or directcompute from his GT200 or lower
Say what? All G80 and higher GPUs support DirectCompute and OpenCL. What they don't support is DirectCompute 11 but the number of apps that will use the 11-series of DC will be extremely small due to companies wanting broad compatibility.

Gotta love the misinformation people have been getting....
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