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My System Specs


Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Question though, was there a noticeable improvements in airflow after cutting out the mesh from the fan mounts? Did it have a big impact on noise/turbulence?
For the PSU hole, the airflow is greatly improved because as you could see from the pic, before hand, the PSU and stamped hole did not line up properly due to the PSU fan's offset.

As for the other holes (top, side panel, back, bottom), I find that there has been a moderate airflow increase only.

As for noise, the difference is considerable. The stamped grills created a lot of noise (near whistling for the higher speed fans) compared to the wire grills I installed.

So for a few hours of work with some metal cutters, an MNPCTECH template (props to them), a DVD (they are 122mm fyi) and a jigsaw, a slight increase in overall airflow and a marked decrease in noise was well worth the effort.

As well, the extra fan in the 3.5 tray that I set up pulls a LOT of nice cool air into the case.

Sugaj wrote:
The only fan I'd try reversing is the upper panel fan. If it affects your MB or CPU temps, I'd make it an intake rather than an exhaust. But I'm a positive kind of guy. (positive pressure, that is)
Like I said above, THAT's the one fan I am still unsure of and once I get the Windows7 installed and my PC Tools set up, I am going to try both configurations and see which seems to yield the better results and the least noise.

Thanks for the comments and the suggestions, more is better so feel free to post.

Morning_Tea_Canuck :)
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