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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ayah View Post
That's... a lot of holes.. What's your load temps on CPU/GPU look like?
DirectCanada shipped my Win7 a few hours ago, so that means it will be here by the time I get home tomorrow after work! Yay for Direct Canada!

As I said above, it's just running Ubuntu 9 atm, and while I love Linux as a backup OS and for just basic computing, I was not in the mood to load up the different packets required and then parse a bunch of text files created by the Terminal console to get CPU/GPU temps. I will wait until I have Windows installed. The tools are just better.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Oh man that pooooooooor 690 had no idea or chance.

And your airflow is all wrong.
Yeah... she didn't know what hit her, but I wonder about your airflow recomendation. Fans can be turned around quite easily if someone offers me a better flow chart.

I went with the "Heat Rises" approach to things, although the one fan that I was always up in the air about (Ron McLean worthy pun) was the upper side panel fan. As well, I was not a huge fan (another pun) of the H50's airflow config at first, but it does cool the CPU quite a few degrees cooler drawing fresh air across the rad and into the case over pulling warm air out of the case. I know that from trying both directions on the rad and and the upper side panel fan and just looking at the CPU temp in the Bios.

And to be frank, the web statements I read about the Corsair H50 stock config increasing case temps were greatly overstated IMO. However, I am always open to suggestions.

got to give the man credit for been creative ;)

you harddrive might run a little warm with that air flow.
Thanks for that. As for the Hard Drive, a lot of the air from the font intake fan gets dissipated by the Drive Cage so it does get cooled a bit, but I agree and if I do find the hard drive is running a bit warm, I just have to pull it down a few slots to the middle of the tray directly into the airflow of that lower front fan.

Any other comments or suggestions are welcome!
Bedtime_Canuck :)
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