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My System Specs


I like joining my favorite servers and playing with people I can trust and game mods that I like. I hate it when I go to play something and it is just random crap like Halo is. Sure you can play with friends but they aren't always on. My favorite dedicated servers have good admins, respectable people, good map collection including custom maps, no idiots, no mic spammers, no cheaters, and always full and fun.

Now if they take that away I will be FORCED to play with idiots and mic spammers and children that are on the opposite team but say they are on your team and then scream when you kill them..... sigh. Matchmaking is the WORST way to do any online gaming. If you do it like CS:S or COD4 or anything good you can just jump right in and play what you WANT and not what some stupid computer wants half way around the world. Also if you want to play with random people then that is easy because there are a few thousand servers. Matchmaking just plain sucks no matter how you put it.

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