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Originally Posted by ayah View Post
Nice cooling setup. Where do you put the normal computer supply? :P
well most of they guys i know have a benching table that they mount the mobo and stuff to that is y i have made the flex line so long so that it can reatch where it needs to be
@eldonko yes i do live in canada i live in london ontario
@dazmode well the cascade can be a bit noise but the single stage ones and not loud at all some computers are louder
@Cowboy yes its me man and yes i am on team coolit and if u did owen one of my units which one was it and were u happy with it
@everyone i will be posting more pics in a min as i had to look for them but i have found the rest of my pics so i might have to make a couple posts to get them all up there and thanks for all the kind words

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