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My System Specs

Default Removed Grills

Turbulence creates noise, so I cut out all of the stamped grills on my case.

Furthermore, if you notice the PSU hole I cut out, it's not off center. That's because the PSU (OCZ 600W Stealth Extreme) has it's fan off center so I wanted the whole fan exposed.

I also pulled apart my PSU and mounted some small rubber spacers to reduce fan vibration noise inside the PSU. (I don't have pics of that though).

I also cut out the grills with a jigsaw on the side panel to increase airflow and cut down on noise. The moulding is just some Canadian Tire car door moulding I had in my basement. But it was self adhesive and once it was warmed up a bit with a hair dryer, it was quite workable.
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