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My System Specs

Default CM 690 - AM3 955 Build

Hey all.

I put this together this week, usually around 11pm at night when everyone else was asleep. It's my Win7 new build that I hope to keep for a few years (more or less). The system is up and running with Ubuntu 9 so I know it boots and runs ok. I am just waiting for Windows7 so I can start really benching it and re-install my games!

I was going to do something much more hardcore with lights and acrylic, but we just bought a new house and my wife's informed me that the system is no longer going to be in my basement, but rather in the front room of the house, so she prefered that it be a bit more understated.

Happy mariages are all about compromise so the Mods are essentially "under the hood" and focused mainly on increasing airflo therby reducing temps and system noise.

So without further ado, here are a series of posts with specs and mods.

Happy_So_Far_Canuck :)
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