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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
why not just use vista or 7 both work great
Win7 works great. Vista not so much so.

Maybe my opinion of Vista is out of date. I used it for a month when it first came out and it sucked so bad I went back to XP/sp2. Last year I bought an Asus N10J netbook with Vista preinstalled on the HDD. Since I had to wait a week for my SSD to arrive I used Vista in the meantime and was reminded of why I'd hated it so much a couple of years earlier. As soon as my SSD arrived I switched to XP.

I've been using Win7-RTM since mid-August and I love it. It feels like XP but has the security of Vista and the new taskbar is brilliant. It's faster and less resource-hungry than Vista and far less annoying. XP mode in Win7 offers a solution to hardware and software compatibility issues.

As I said, my opinion of Vista may be outdated but it sucked ten months ago. I felt as ripped off by spending my hard-earned money on it as I did when I bought WinME back at the turn of the century. When I first tried Win7 I felt the same exhilaration as when I first tried XP.

XP and Win7 are winners. Vista was a dog.
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