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I have never been this into games before, so I am kind of laughing at how people are reacting to this, but at the same time I think IW is retarded for their solution on anti piracy.
it would make some difficulties but as a solution they could have it so with the key you only get one account, and you can only install it on one computer with a check system each time you log on to make sure that your account and the installed copy of the game are the same. If you want to install the game on another machine, when it detects that the serial number has been used it asks you if this is the primary computer you want to use for the game now, if you select yes then it deletes ID tags (something that is specific to each computer and cant be spoofed such as mac address) from the remote serial server and adds the new computers ID tags. when you log on the game checks those ID tags to make sure you have not copied the program and your computer sends out the ID tags to the ID server at IW and when you log on it makes sure the key match. and have a record of each serial number that goes out (if you have something making and printingthem it would not be too hard to just have a step in there tossing the keys into a table the your ID server can use). there you go people cant pirate the game and you don't alienate your client base.
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