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Originally Posted by Cowboy View Post
While those are all some very good points (and some unnecessary ones hinting at my level of maturity), I still don't get what the big deal is here...
I think to get the "So what?" factor you need to consider the difference between PC and console gamers. PC gamers are comparitively niche audience, who are more "hardcore" and desire a different experience than console gaming.

The two types treat their games like they treat their respective platforms: console gamers want something that is up and ready to play out of the box, and PC gamers want something they can deeply modify. Take that away, and you're just playing a really expensive Xbox with a mouse.

Consider this: imagine if they removed the ultra violence from a grindhouse movie. Would that appeal to a wider audience? Sure. Would it still be grindhouse? Same thing with matchmaking - it allows for greater accessibility but at the risk of qualitatively changing the experience.
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