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While those are all some very good points (and some unnecessary ones hinting at my level of maturity), I still don't get what the big deal is here. I LIKE the L4D matchmaking system, and don't forget that it also gives you the option to play with people on your friends list. I've have never been connected to a french server... or even a chinese one for that matter! Always Canadian, sometimes quebec... but everyone speaks english so its all good.

I never cared for mods or custom maps or custom servers (my experience is from CS & CS:S over the last 8 years). All of them suck IMO. I've never been on a custom server that I actually enjoyed playing and had actual fun.

Whats so wrong with PC gaming changing? Even if it is to be more like the consoles? I always liked how the xbox360 set up matches between players of equal skill level so everyone could have a good time, as opposed to having the 1 or 2 1337 h4x0rs that mop the floor with everyone else and people get frustrated. I always hated joining a server only to be greeted by a hail of bullets and a K/D of 1/33 within a matter of minutes.

People, this isn't the end of the world. People who will want dedicated servers will find a way of running them (and I still don't get whats going on exactly... I'm getting mixed messages from everyone who is trying to 'correct me').

And you will never change my opinion of people who play in clans.

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