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My System Specs


I myself don't have a hate on for Consoles. I quite enjoy playing NHL10 or Madden, RockBand or even some Racing games (provided I've got a wheel) on Consoles. They DO have their place. However, I find them limited in respects to RPG, RTS and FPS.

Aside from the mods debate, a colleague of mine plays WAW on both PC and xBox360 and he really sees the difference in the communities. So essentially, if he knows his nephew are brother are going to play a game of WAW on their xBox360, he logs in and plays on the console because it's not a random group, it's people he knows. But if he wants to play with some random people, he hunts down a server with settings and rules he likes on his PC and plays there.

Auto-matching seems to always give him groups of people (not just teens - adults can be idiots too), who are screaming, and cursing and using racial slurs constantly. That's something I also can't stand.

THAT's where dedicated servers win over the Console auto-matching approach.

Morning_Thoughts_Canuck :)

ps: I cancelled my pre-order, but that was to send a message. I admit, I may still buy the game if the Single Player is good, but I will wait for a slight price drop now since I won't really use the Multi-player aspect in its current form.
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