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It happen I also pulled the trigger last week on a Intel X25-M80Gb G2 for 299$ (I bought on october 16th so the cheapest I found to pricematch is 299$, just 2$ off which is no biggie). I also preordered my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from NCIX and it will ship on release day. I will wait till my W7 copy is there before I rebuild my computer (basically transferring the guts into my new Corsair Obsidian 800D as well).

My current setup is a single WD6400AAKS divided in 2 partitions (150 GB for OS and remaining for data). I will do some pre and post upgrade testing and I'm running W7 RC1 right now.

As for G1 and degrading performance, if you use the latest firmware, degradation is reduced to a minimum thanks to a new garbage collection system. Even a degraded G1 with the latest firmware is very fast.
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