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Originally Posted by BT! View Post
they may not ignore us.. but they sure dont respect us.. this game came out on PC first and the PC community are the ones that made it popular, but i guess were just being pushed aside towards console type play.
That's exactly it, and I hate that some game developers are starting to forget where their roots came from. PC will ALWAYS be the better gaming platform (in my opinion) because of how much the end user can do with their game. Want a mod? Go ahead, add some files and you're good to go. Want a couple of new maps? Go download them off of a website for free. Not; Want something new? Give us a couple months and $10 and you can have 3 maps. Oh, and sorry if the servers go down because they got demolished by the number of people trying to play (Battlefield: Bad Company ring a bell anyone?)
Get the mindless console drones to fill your pockets with money and then turn around and remember that the people who got you where you are now are probably still some of the same people playing the game now.
With this said I will still probably buy it because it will most likely be an amazing game, but if matchmaking works like it did in L4D, it will sit there installed and rarely touched as L4D is currently.
Originally Posted by encorp
I don't know, maybe if you get a big enough compacticator you can put it in your butt and name yourself "sexbuttplug"...
<martin_metal_88> I think I am gonna sell my server
<firebane> i will offer pereniums mom
<firebane> slightly used
<Keltron> slightly is an understatement
<LPfan4ever> Who're you kidding...slightly?
<martin_metal_88> peri's mom, slightly used? lol...

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