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500 watts appears to the bare min now... the max being in my estimate 850..

In my personal experience.. I had 2 cm extreme power psu's , 1 was rated at 600 and the other was at 650...

The 600 worked fine with my old p4 set up... the 650 worked fine with a low end pcie card and machine... [total working computer's=4].

they did not work fine with 1 8800gtx card and a new processor, and 2 more hd's these were the 1st things i changed as time went along... out went the x1950 ati pcie and E2180.. I assumed that the 600 would be fine.. but when the machine failed to load.. I figured .. i would try the 650 instead.

The machine did not still power up...

I proceeded to take it to a friend, the 650 psu, he has the same evga 8800gtx 2gbs of ram deal with 4 500gb hd's but a ocz 750 watt psu. We encountered the same problem.. ... he reinstalled his power supply and it was fine.

To see if it was my psu I reinstalled it onto my old p4.. and it loaded.. the cooler master psu could not handle the power requirements of the higher ends stuff.

I know some friends who swear by silverstone and blue storm, these people are not enthusiast's, just average people with some knowledge to upgrade and do work on a pc, but not oc or anything nice. But again the store I shop at didn't not carry em, neither did the other 2 stores. So could not try them.

My point is coolermaster psu's are mediocre in performance and I would not recommend them to anyone, sad at one time I would of ... To be honest I even tried the m700 version.. and returned it... and decided to go with ocz.. So off I went again to gather a 750.. store was out, so took ocz's 700 watt psu, very stable.. not the 750 but nice and quite, it is stable so far.

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