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@Cowboy Well you might wanna do more research into dedicated servers and who runs them. Pc gamers aren't pissed that IW isn't offering up dedicated servers but the fact nobody can now own or operate a dedicated server. This also gets rid of any mods or customizations that are created by gamers. That said you think CS would be still around without them ...don't think so. Also if you want to set up private matches you will be solely reliant on the host(not a dedicated server but average home users ) connection. With that the upload will be saturated pretty quickly and then everything just plain sucks. If you enjoy the way console gaming is set up well fine enjoy but PC multiplayer gamers like the user mods and maps and dedicated connections. This has all been left out of the game because IW decided we didn't need them. With console games you have to play with whatever they give you ...with PC people are always creating new ways types/ maps/and mods. This is where console gaming can't compete. I just recently played COD 5 server that has FreezE Tag / V.I.P and Gun game types. This has extended the life of the game for me and others. What IW has done is say too bad we don't think you need it. Still all in all it's just a game and games are meant to be fun...a lot of PC gamers feel the fun has been stripped out or left out of this title so like any consumer I just won't buy it....end of story . Oh and as far as Clan's go ..a lot of them are just groups of people who like to game together just like people like to come here and chat about Tech and other stuff. Unfair advantage? Niinies? Hmmm...don't think it's the PC gamer that needs some growing up......
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