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Good job as usual - loved the shredded Smurf comment :D

I have to nitpick on the Nmedia and Mushkin though just a bit. Huntkey/SCY is known to rate their units at peak values which ends up being 100W more than they're good for, so the Nmedia really is a 400W unit. The ripple results tend to back this up.

The Mushkin on the other hand... let's just say I wasn't impressed when jonnyGURU reviewed it and I'm not impressed now. 12V combined at 28A and a high 3.3V/5V combined indicates a very old design to me - 12V is too low for a good recent design 550W unit and is likely prone to some crossloading issues when really loaded since it's a group regulated design. It's also missing parts of the transient filter on the PCB. To be fair, so is the Nmedia, but that one is a whole lot cheaper by contrast. As usual, rail fusion does nothing at all... it's likely just a single 12V design with some current sensing parts to turn on that LED.

Good job on the rest... it's a good read. I'd probably put the lot of them in this order: Silverstone, FSP, Coolermaster, Enermax (also a really old design), Mushkin, Nmedia.
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