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I don't see how this is the end of the world... Are people just looking for an excuse to hate this game?

first, it was the price...

then it was the late release date that everyone was hating on...

And now its that there will be no dedicated servers (Counter strike has player-run servers... and they're doing just fine)

Jeez! You guys are so hard to please! No wonder PC gaming is dying, what with all you ninnies crying about this garbage! Get over it. Its not like they're going to charge you $20 a month to play it (cough... WoW... COUGH!).

Lol... People are pissed! You hear that? Yeah. People are actually UPSET because a company refuses to provide servers for you to play on, and might I add, AT NO [direct] COST TO YOU*.

*I have a feeling that it would have been reflected in a higher retail cost, but since its not being implemented... YAY more discounts!


And on a side note: Clans? Seriously? Guys... grow up. Lack of "clan servers" is not that big of a deal. "Oh, this sucks... I can't train on my 'clan server'... now I wont get an unfair advantage over other people"

Honest to god, most people who will be playing (&Buying, no doubt) this game are not that hard core. They play for fun, for the thrill of the game... not to be in some silly clan full of 12 year olds who teabag and shout swear words over the mic when they die. IW is just cutting an unnecessary (&hefty, server upkeep is expensive) expense to help keep them afloat in these harsh economic times. I sure as heck want to see these guys in business, trying to make more of these awesome games. I enjoy cod4 very much, and its good to see people with the right heads on the right shoulders to make a game that is so enjoyable to so many.

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