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My System Specs


I have your gigabyte mobo, ver 1.0 which is good for ddr3 2000+ memory. If you have the ver1.6 board, you are good for 2100 memory. So, looks like you are at the margin. I would just overclock the cpu first to make sure it is stable for the speed that you want. I use P95 and I run it overnight for 9-10 hours. I had the loadline calibration disabled. You can see my detailed settings, as well as a few others, in this thread:
Post your i7 920 (and stepping) OC

After you are happy with your cpu speed, cpu temp, fan speed and noise, etc. You can then slowly increase your memory speed to see how high you can go. If you have not done so, you can run memtest86+ to stress test your memory as its own to see if it can do 2000 at rated spec. BTW, I guess you already know the limit for vtt is 1.65v.

My past overclock experience is AMD64 4000+ on a DFI board. It was a lot of work compared to overclocking this i7 and gigabyte mobo. I find this really easy.
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