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I listened to the whole conversation that they had with the guy and the reaction was stunning!

I think this is just not about piracy, but it's more about Downloadable Content IMO.

If they can sell a game, then sell maps and mods for it (even for relatively cheaply), then it's a better profit producer for the game. I equate it to Neverwinter Nights Premium Modules or Guitar Hero song downloads. Play the songs enough and you'll want more, so you get them for a fairly moderate price. Sell a new map (or map pack) for 4.99$ through Steam. Quick, easy and pain free, and if you sell 10 000 maps a week, and you release a map every week or two, it creates a pretty good revenue stream. Essentially, entire clans would have to buy the map packs because they'd need to play the same maps.

I personally don't like it and I think the only I think anyone can combat this unless they actually don't buy the game at all, or at least boycot the servers or downloadable content once it is released. Combine the NON-sale of Modern Warfare 2 with the agressive purchase of a PC friendly game (to underline that we'll support game producers who will support PC-gamers) and perhaps other company's will look at the Modern Warfare 2 situation and say "Screw that. If we go console style, the PC gaming community is going to fry us."

I've cancelled my pre-order (as apparently many have) and am now in a "wait and see" mode. Hell, for me it's not even the dedicated server aspect that bugs me, it's the console oriented approach to the game. If I wanted an xBox360, I would simply not buy a second Radeon 5850.

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