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My System Specs

Default DDR2 or DDR3 board to go with my X2 550?

I'm in the process of buying parts for my new budget gaming machine (my Christmas present) and have decided on the X2 550 for the CPU.

For the motherboard I'm looking at the GA-MA770-UD3 (DDR2) & UD3P (DDR3) but can't decide which to go with.
The UD3P seems to have a decent track record at unlocking the extra cores in the 550.
I couldn't find much info on unlocking success with the UD3 version, but it is shipping with the 710 SB which is what's needed for the unlock.

RAM prices seem pretty similar at the moment, so I'm leaning towards the UD3P, although if I can find a decent price on a second hand set of 4gb of DDR2 (anyone?) I could end up going that way.

Am I going to notice much difference between the two when it comes to in-game performance?

Thanks in advance
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