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Originally Posted by Full Speed View Post
So thinking about building a gaming HTPC but I don't know too much about HTPCs, never even seen one before. I mostly just want to be able to play DVDs, Blu-Rays, play games, and some other things. Thinking about using an i5 750, 4 GBs ram, and a 1TB harddrive (won't be burning Blu-Rays or anything). No idea about the motherboard and I'm not set on intel either. No idea about HTPC cases either.

I heard the newer ATI cards can bitstream Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD over HDMI. Might go for a 5870 or something so I can be sure to play the newer games at 1080p.

And are newer wireless keyboards and mice any good for gaming? Last time I tried to game with wireless stuff it never worked well but that was years ago. Any input would be awesome.
If you are not running blu-ray than you won't need the next gen ATI cards. An ATI 4670 is fine. But if you really want the the next gen ATI I would go with the 5850. Running a 5870 is bit overkill.

A lot of HTPC run AMD processors because they run much cooler, thus less fan, thus less noise. That being said i5 is an excellent HTPC platform regardless. Do you want mATX or ATX?
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