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Originally Posted by gof View Post
My P180:

I need some zipties...
Heh, nono my friend, it is just that P180 and Liberty combo. Real challenge to keep cables out of sight and out of mind. Impossible to get perfection. The tradeoff is a very versitle cooling configurations, and quiet running.

I had 6 x 120mm fans in the upper chamber of mine at one point. Not many cases can do that. :D

It was quite a mess for much of it's earlier life, and cleaned up enormously when I swapped in a different PSU. At that point I routed the cables differently, and was much much happier in the end. I am due to dive back into it fairly soon, system swap this time.

P180 Duct Replacement Mod eSnips Folder

It feels like years ago when I wrote that, but looks like I only updated it last Feb. Original page was more like a year or so earlier. I got the case when they were first released.

I had a bad side panel that was delaminating, and the front door wasn't flat and wouldn't flush up with the case. Antec airmailed me a replacement side panel and new front bezel, received within two days of the phone call I made to them. Very impressed. Very.

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