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My System Specs

Default i7 makes me insane


Ok, anyways. I am making an effort to overclock my i7 rig (Specs in sig, disregard speeds because they're being changed around). Right now I'm working on getting the memory to run at it's correct timings. It boots fine at 9-9-9-24 (2000MHz), voltage at 1.66 (no 1.65 option), and QPI/VTT to auto. I personally can't get a setting for the QPI/VTT that will let me boot, but the board on auto is auto setting it to a whopping 1.56V for me to boot. Changing it to 1.50V in Windows with EasyTune6 seems to still be stable, and a couple of hours ago that's what the board was auto setting it to until I restarted my system.

Another observation is that my board's Loadline Calibration seems to do jack shit. With it disabled and CPU at 1.375V, the system reads 1.34V. With Loadline Calibration enabled, it reads 1.34V As well, with the RAM set to 1.66 in BIOS, the system reads 1.65V (which is actually good I guess). This all leads me to believe I'm probably getting some pretty bad vdroop for the QPI/VTT as well, which is causing the board to set such high voltages.

Checking all these threads on overclocking, mostly everyone is using 1600MHz RAM and setting their QPI/VTT to around 3.4V. I don't know what it *should* be around for 2000MHz RAM, but I still think 1.5V is high. My memory multiplier is 10x (200BCLK) and QPI is 20X (4000MHz), so that I know I have done right.
Hopefully someone can shine some light on my situation before I go completely insane.:help:
(I miss the ease of FSB)
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