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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
As much as they're frowned upon, my own personal feeling is that the theory behind the "side fan with funnel directly to stock cpu fan" is sound as it shouldn't affect the natural front-to-back airflow over motherboard components. If you've got a powerful side fan which isn't confined in any way, I'd be concerned that the results would run counter to that theory.
Yes and no, typically those ducts get pretty close to the rear case fan and I'm guessing that reduces the airflow a fair bit, or at the very least creates some turbulence. Also they don't always line up exactly anyways.

Could be like Silverstone and hookup one of those Halloween fog machines to a flexible tube and see how the smoke flows in and out of the case. I've always wanted to since I have a fog machine (it was only like $30), but never gotten around to it.
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