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Default New build during christmas of after?

planning on building a new rig but want the cheapest price possible. (any suggestions on parts or better parts are welcome.)

AMD x3 720
500 or 640GB WD black hard drive
4GB DDR3 RAM (haven't decide brand of model)
Gigabyte MA770t or MA790XT
video card (waiting for a replacement from XFX RMA)
PSU (1 of these Corsair TX750,Antec Truepower 750, or reusing HX520 and getting a OCZ 600w to run my current pc parts)
case (reusing my Antec 900)
DVD reader

so far it seems the best and cheapest prices are from Directcanada. so my question is, is it better to buy during christmas or a bit after christmas for best price. and also, i never bought from internet e tailers before so any input about DC or NCIX shipping to ontario and what fees do i have to pay? (i heard only GST and PST is taken off)
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