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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Strat6 View Post
I'm going to have an after market cooler on my HD4850, so that's really what I was worried about around the bottom there, as it would just be pushing air against the bottom of the case with no real direction it will be sucked out.

I will definitely pick up some filter material for these fans though.
Yeah, if you have more intake than exhaust, the air will end up being "forced" out of all the cracks/openings/vents in the case as it tries to equalize with the outside air. My FT01 has dual 180mm intakes (top and front) and only a single 120mm exhaust. You can definitely feel air coming out of the vents on the back. And assuming all the intake fans are filtered decently, you can see why dust won't get in as much compared to negative pressure which subsequently sucks in air/dust through all the unfiltered cracks and openings.

As for direction, the front fan should assist in moving the air coming in from the side fans towards the back of the case.

Originally Posted by Strat6 View Post
Also I'd suggest getting some of those vented slot covers like such: Silverstone Aero Slots which would allow the air to escape easily.

Actually I was very surprised to find out last night that this little budget case has fenestrated slots that are not common until you get to much more expensive cases!
Ah, from that first picture they looked like the cheap tear-out ones that never go back in.
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